Employment Law

employment contract fairness

How to Make Sure Your Employment Contract Is Fair

Your employment agreement is one of the most important contracts in your life. It dictates critical information like your pay, schedule, responsibilities, and benefits. Whether …

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ca state supreme court

Meal & Rest Benefits Part of Employee Wages CA Supreme Court Rules

In a critical win for California workers, the state Supreme Court has ruled that meal and rest period premiums are considered “wages” under state law. …

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vacation days are part of your salary

Your Right to Take Vacation Days in California

American culture emphasizes the importance of a strong work ethic. Many people feel like taking a vacation or sick day is a sign that they …

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do handshake contracts hold up in court

Do Handshake Contracts Hold Up in Court?

In a perfect world, contracts wouldn’t be necessary. People would be able to chat and work together to make arrangements that work for everyone. Unfortunately, …

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covid-19 supplemental sick leave in california

The Return of California’s Supplemental COVID-19 Sick Leave

California has been trying to balance opposing demands throughout the pandemic. On the one hand, the state government is dedicated to minimizing the infection rate …

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California Establishes New Workers’ Rights Section of Department of Justice

Protecting the rights of workers is a difficult job. Employers are driven largely by the desire to make money. That mission is often aided by …

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The Rights of Undocumented Workers in California

If you are undocumented and working in California, you are protected by California employment laws. Your employer may try to use your status to take …

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employment law class actions

Are Class Action Lawsuits Brought By Employees On The Rise?

There have been several employee-led class action lawsuits in the news recently. Workers at companies like Activision Blizzard, Mayfield Consumer Products, and Pratt & Whitney …

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illegal employment contract lawyer

Is Your Employment Contract Legal?

The job market is at the top of the news cycle right now. From employers claiming that it’s impossible to find people to work to …

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new employment laws in california for 2022

New California Employment Laws for 2022 That You Need to Know

The new year always brings changes. This is especially true when it comes to legislation. The California Legislature typically selects January 1st as a convenient …

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