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Employment relationships are governed by many different contracts and terms. Between restrictions on competition, confidentiality and nondisclosure clauses, proprietary information provisions, and the basic terms of the employment contract itself, it is easy to get overwhelmed. We can help you understand all the agreements and terms. We can review your contracts with you at the start of a new job, negotiate the end of your employment, and stand up for you when your employer violates the promises they have made.
Our Los Angeles firm provides workers with the support they need to understand the agreements between themselves and their employer.


We are experienced in helping employees navigate the sometimes complicated process of beginning a relationship with a new employer. We can assist you with negotiating your contract and help you understand the agreements your employer wants you to sign. Two of the most common agreements we see are:

Noncompete agreements: A noncompetition agreement, or “noncompete,” restricts an employee’s ability to work for a competitor or in a given industry for a specific period of time after they leave their position. California law generally prohibits noncompetes, making them unenforceable. However, an employer might still try to convince you to sign.

Nondisclosure agreements: This type of document, also called an NDA or “gag” agreement, requires you to promise not to reveal certain information relating to your job or employer. In some cases, these are used to protect legitimate business secrets, while in other cases, they have been inappropriately used to hide persistent allegations of sexual harassment from being made public. An employment law attorney can help you determine if the nondisclosure provision in your contract is enforceable and appropriate under the law.


At the end of an employment relationship, an employer and employee might enter into a separation agreement, which often addresses confidentiality issues that may seek to protect the employer from future lawsuits. Once a separation agreement is signed, the employee cannot sue the employer for wrongful termination or pursue severance pay. We help employees understand these agreements prior to signing them and can assist in negotiating them, as well.


If your employer violates a written employment agreement, AM+F can assist you in pursuing a breach of contract claim. Whether your case can be settled out of court or needs to be taken to trial, our attorneys have the skills to guide you.

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