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Protecting Your Reputation And Career

When an employer makes a false statement, which damages your reputation, for example, questioning your integrity or your ability to do your job, you may have a right to sue for defamation or slander. Defamation may occur when an employer accuses a worker of illegal conduct in explaining a firing to co-workers, when providing a reference to a potential new employer, or in a public statement. The lawyers at AM+F have successfully tried defamation cases and have mediated claims of damage to reputation.

Alexander Morrison + Fehr, LLP, based out of Los Angeles, California is a law firm of attorneys devoted to employee justice. We strive to protect the rights of individuals, including their right to not have false statements tarnish their reputation.

Holding Employers Accountable

If you were denied an employment opportunity, and you believe defamatory statements by a former or current supervisor or employer are to blame, now is the time to act. Defamation of character can have serious consequences on your career; we can help you put a stop to it. Call 310-394-0888 or use our online contact form to schedule an appointment where an employment lawyer can assist you.

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