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Most cases can be appealed if the trial court does not rule in your favor. At the appellate level, the key question becomes: Did the trial court make an error that changed the outcome of the case?

If you experienced discrimination, sexual harassment or wrongful termination at your place of employment, the attorneys of Alexander Morrison + Fehr, LLP can help — even on appeal.

What Happens In An Appeal

The goal of an appeal is to show that an error of law contributed to the decision by the lower court, which requires that the trial court decision be reversed. This means appellate proceedings are different from trial. Instead of calling witnesses and presenting evidence, the appeals court reviews the facts and rulings that occurred at trial, do determine whether a miscarriage of justice occurred. Each party files a brief where they attempt to convince the appeals judge that the lower court’s decision was either correct or incorrect.

Talent And Resources For Both Trial And Appeals

AM+F attorneys have practiced before the Supreme Court of the United States, before the California Supreme Court, and before both federal and state courts of appeal. We provide advice and support to our clients, no matter where their case may lead.

Our employment lawyers are skilled at trial, but we also have the knowledge and experience to take on the more scholarly challenge of an appeal. Appeals are about highlighting favorable facts and finding case law to support your argument, rather than just presenting factual evidence. The attorneys of AM+F have the instincts, drive and passion for employee rights to achieve the best possible result for your case.

Learn More About Employment Law Appeals

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