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Practice Areas

At Alexander Morrison + Fehr, LLP, we help you with the full range of workplace challenges: When applying for a job, during the course of employment or after an illegal firing. Whenever possible, we look for alternatives to filing a lawsuit.

Before a job begins, we negotiate and review employment contracts. We protect employee privacy and medical histories. When restrictions imposed by previous employers threaten your ability to find new work, we can help.

While you are on the job, we help you assert your rights to a safe and nondiscriminatory workplace. We provide advice and support to secure reasonable accommodations for disabilities and medical conditions.

Our attorneys can offer you legal guidance with:

When a lawsuit cannot be avoided, AM+F has the experience, talent and resources to pursue a case to the best possible conclusion. Our attorneys have demonstrated excellence in jury trials, arbitration, mediation and the appellate courts, winning six-, seven- and eight-figure results for clients in California. We take on large corporations, powerful individuals, and state, local and federal governments and agencies. We represent whistleblowers, victims of sexual violence, and working men and women from CEOs to the lowest paid hourly laborers.

AM+F has particular expertise in representing senior managers, executives and highly compensated professionals, including university professors, executives and talent in the entertainment industry, and partners and principals in major law and in-house counsel, accounting, medical and financial services firms. Our attorneys are adept at negotiating severance agreements and enforcing stock option and other employee equity participation plans without the necessity of filing suit.

When litigation is warranted, we don’t back down. When negotiation is called for, we bring a high level of skill and experience. At AM+F, our top priority is to achieve the best possible results for you.

We Care About Your Rights

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