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Wage and Hour And Class Actions

If you work, the law requires that your employer pays you promptly and properly. AM+F attorneys have extensive experience pursuing claims for unpaid wages, rest and meal breaks, overtime, bonuses, commissions and wrongful termination for complaining about a failure to pay wages.

Our class action work permits the firm to seek full compensation on behalf of significant groups of workers, including people who have been denied overtime, minimum wage or other benefits due to misclassification, workers affected by illegal outsourcing by employers, and victims of other forms of discriminatory policies and practices.

Our attorneys have worked on numerous, notable class action victories, including three employee misclassification cases against AT&T (combined total $43.5 million); an overtime case against reality television company Bunim/Murray Productions ($5 million); a constitutional class action against toll road agencies OCTA and TCA for due process and excessive fines resulting in over $40 million in economic benefit to class members and a sweeping injunctive relief victory; unpaid wages on behalf of janitors against Albertsons, Vons, Safeway and Ralphs ($22 million); race and ethnic discrimination against Six Flags theme park ($5 million); and sex discrimination and harassment on behalf of stockbroker class member against Salomon Smith Barney ($3.2 million), and hotel workers.

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