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Civil Rights

Police Excessive Force & Misconduct Cases
AMF is committed to justice and equity both in the workforce and society as a whole. With decades of trial experience, AMF has expanded its focus to addressing broader systemic injustices, including violation of rights of human dignity and police excessive force and misconduct.

Most recently, on August 5, 2022, AMF, in conjunction with the Law Offices of Toni Jaramilla, won a racial profiling jury verdict against the Los Angeles Police Department for unjustly assaulting, using excessive and deadly force, and verbally threatening and intimidating a family for “driving while Black.” Rios v City of Los Angeles, USDC Case No.: 2:21-cv-05341-RGK-MAA. A Black father, mother and young daughter strapped into in her car seat– law-abiding citizens on their way to pre-school drop-off–were subjected to a life-threatening, life-changing police assault. While their daughter watched, nearly a dozen LAPD officers surrounded their vehicle with guns drawn, ordered the father out of the car and spread-eagle face down on the ground, and ordered the mother out of the car so both could be placed in handcuffs while officers investigated the “cold plate” on their vehicle. Their license plate did not match the DMV issued plate and was off by a single digit due to DMV error.

The jury found that the LAPD engaged in a ‘high-risk’ vehicle stop and detention, in violation of protections under the United States Constitution, state law, and the Bane Act, by interfering with the driver’s civil rights by threat, intimidation or coercion. The jury awarded substantial damages,.

We compassionately represent clients who have been subjected to unlawful stop-and-search procedures, as well as family members pursuing wrongful death claims. Our team tackles the toughest civil rights cases involving police misconduct, excessive force, illegal search and seizure, unjustified use of deadly force, and wrongful death.

If you or a loved one has been subjected to police misconduct, AMF will address the intricate legal battles that come with taking on local and city police, state sheriff and highway patrol departments, and individual officers, including pursuit of Section 1983 claims of constitutional violations, the Monell Doctrine, the Bane Act, and the Unruh Civil Rights Act, to aggressively ensure that our clients’ civil rights are protected. Our team has successfully won judgments that help our clients to heal and move forward from these life-changing encounters.

Know Your Rights
We care about you. We are here to listen, educate, and advocate for you. Contact us today to learn how, with our help, you can assert your legal rights and hold he police accountable for violating the law.