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Equal Pay And Compensation

AM+F believes that employers should pay their workers in full and on time. That is what the law provides.

We help employees recover compensation in all its forms, including salary, overtime, bonuses, stock options, profit-sharing and bonus plans, life insurance, premium pay for missed meal and rest periods, minimum wage, vacation and holiday pay, cleaning or gasoline allowances, hotel accommodations, reimbursement of travel expenses and benefits.

In addition, AM+F knows that men often are paid more than women doing similar work. We are committed to fixing that. AM+F uses the Equal Pay Act, the California Fair Pay Act and related laws to win equal pay for equal work, and to ensure that unfair compensation practices are stopped once and for all.

Know Your Rights

We care about you. We are here to listen, educate and advocate for you. Call today to learn how, with our help, you can assert your legal rights and hold your employer accountable for their improper practices. Our firm can be reached by phone at 310-394-0888 or you can fill out the confidential online questionnaire on our contact page.

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