Fired for Talking About Unions? That’s Illegal

Fired for Talking About Unions? That’s Illegal

Unions have been growing in popularity for the past year or more. In fact, more people view unions positively today than at any time since 1965. These workers are putting pressure on many employers to improve working conditions and offer better benefits. This is excellent for workers, but some employers dislike the idea of having […]

What is wrongful termination?

If your employer terminates you for reasons you suspect might be illegal, you may be able to bring a wrongful termination lawsuit against him or her. It is important to understand the elements of illegal activity regarding the loss of employment, in case you find yourself facing such a situation. Wrongful termination overview There are […]

Can your employer fire you after returning from a work injury?

A recent work injury forced you to take time off to heal and recover. You are glad your California employer has workers’ comp insurance, but that does not guarantee your job if you recover enough to return to your regular position.  You found this out the hard way when you learned that you no longer have […]

Understanding California’s employment-at-will doctrine

If you feel as if your employer terminated you unfairly, your natural reaction may be to consider filing a complaint. Whether your employer was acting outside of the law in firing you depends on several factors, among them whether the state’s employment-at-will doctrine applies to you.  What does employment at will mean, though, and how […]

Know how to identify wrongful termination

When people lose their jobs, they may sometimes feel blind-sided because they thought everything was going just fine. It is important to remember that there are situations when it is illegal to fire an employee. It is a good idea for people to recognize these situations so they will know if they have been wrongfully […]

Victims of wrongful termination may seek relief

Every day, numerous California residents are fired from their jobs. For some, this is done with good reason. For others, wrongful termination may be suspected. When it is, victims may seek relief through legal means. The simple truth of the matter is, not all firings are illegal. The majority of the workforce in the United […]