Ana Mendoza Heads MABA High School Visitation Program

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Ana Mendoza Heads MABA High School Visitation Program.


Service to the Profession and Community:

Mendoza Heads MABA High School Visitation Program

May, 2015

Ana Mendoza, an Associate at Alexander Morrison + Fehr, LLP and a member of the Board of Directors of the Mexican American Bar Association (“MABA”), has taken on responsibility for MABA’s High School Visitation Program. Under Mendoza’s guidance, the program has law students, attorneys and judges making classroom presentations to high school students about their experiences and careers in law. The initial goal of the Program was to visit one high school per month for ten months between February and November of this year. That goal has been exceeded – volunteers have already visited six schools in the first four months of the program. The program has received a positive response from students, and MABA is developing constructive relationships with high schools and the legal community in Los Angeles. Mendoza reports that this project has been particularly gratifying: “our presentations have encouraged many students from underserved communities to have confidence that they can achieve in academia and the legal profession.”