Doctor wins big in wrongful termination case

A doctor in another state lost his job in 2015 after reporting a safety issue he noted at the hospital for which he was employed — Massachusetts General. Initially, a spokesperson for the hospital stated he was fired due to a patient confidentially violation; however, hospital officials have since changed their tune and opted to settle the matter. What this physician has been put through is not necessarily a unique situation. Numerous California residents may find themselves victims of wrongful termination for reporting issues at their places of work. They, too, can seek compensation for any damages they experience as a result of their loss of employment.

According to a recently published report, the doctor mentioned above — a 67-year-old male — was offered $13 million and job reinstatement. The hospital also agreed to name a safety initiative after him. He refused the job offer, however, and has been named an honorary staff member instead.

Some people might say he was only offered this type of settlement because of his position and the fact that he worked on several high-profile individuals. The truth is, under the right circumstances, anyone can achieve compensation in a wrongful termination case if it is either settled or successfully litigated. What one receives at the end of it all depends on several factors. People need to know, though, that they do not have to have high-profile positions to be successful at seeking relief.

Wrongful termination cases can be challenging to get through. An employer will either fight or choose to settle, though many choose settlement to avoid bad press. California residents who believe that they have been wrongfully terminated can turn to legal counsel for a case review. If pursuing the matter is thought appropriate, legal counsel can help one take all the necessary steps to seek maximum relief.