Michael Morrison Quoted in the LA Times Regarding AMF Case Against LAPD

Joining the Los Angeles Centurions football team isn’t a game. According to allegations made by a respected detective within the LAPD, the force’s amateur football team has a long history of sexual assault, harassment, and abusive hazing.

Please see the article in the LA Times in which partner Michael Morrison is quoted.

Alexander Morrison + Fehr, LLP is honored to represent this detective as he pursues justice for the horrific assault he suffered, as well as anyone else who may have related claims. We urge anyone with information or a potential claim related to sexual assaults committed by the Los Angeles Centurions to contact our firm today.

“He is a tough son of a gun with a strong depth of character and a decorated career despite really being put through it by this evil,” said Michael Morrison, a veteran sex abuse lawyer who was part of nearly $1 billion in L.A. settlements in priest abuse cases.

Morrison said his client is haunted daily, and that “he had guilt and shame and humiliation.” According to the legal claim, after the assault the rookie officer felt “like he was in a gang that he could not leave without putting himself in danger.”

-Source: Los Angeles Times