Race should have nothing to do with equal pay and compensation

Wanting to get paid fairly for one’s work is understandable. Unfortunately, even in today’s world, where more women than ever are entering the workforce, they still are making less than men. According to a recently published article, Latinas, in particular, are severely affected. What can this population in California do to help themselves receive equal pay and compensation?

It is believed that Latinas are paid half as much as white males and 31% less than white females. A national poll concluded that nearly 70% of the population was either unaware or didn’t realize the size of the pay gap. It is shocking, to say the least.

Roughly 47% of Latinas claim to be the primary breadwinners in their homes. Another 19% work outside the home to help their families survive. Many of these women, no matter if they are in low or high paying jobs, are subject to microaggression and discrimination in the workplace. Between the lack of pay and poor treatment at their places of work, it is difficult for these women to want to keep working.

Race should have nothing to do with how much people are paid or how their employers or co-workers treat them. Those in California who believe they are failing to receive equal pay and compensation for their time and effort in their positions may be able to do something about it. Some steps may be taken to fight for fair pay. An experienced attorney can review the details of one’s case and help one decide the best way to proceed.