Equal Pay And Compensation

employer prevent talking about pay

Can Your Employer Bar You From Talking About Your Pay?

It’s natural to be curious about what your coworkers earn or to be proud about the raise you just got. However, some employers may try …

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What is substantially similar work under the Fair Pay Act?

Whether a situation violates the California Fair Pay Act hinges on whether you and a counterpart do substantially similar work. According to the State of …

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Understanding equal pay parameters

Most people who are employed today have come into the workforce after the 1963 enactment of the Equal Pay Act and may therefore assume that …

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Does the state minimum wage automatically increase?

Since minimum wage laws vary by state, how much you may earn in minimum wage will vary depending on which state you live in. Also, …

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Comparing pay stubs and personal records can help spot wage theft

Getting paid is something that most people find the most appealing about their jobs. They may count their hours, add up paychecks that are on …

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Race should have nothing to do with equal pay and compensation

Wanting to get paid fairly for one’s work is understandable. Unfortunately, even in today’s world, where more women than ever are entering the workforce, they …

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