Auto industry plagued by sexism, sexual harassment

If you are a female working in the automotive field, you face a particularly high chance of falling victim to sexual harassment, even though many industry leaders claim the field wants and needs more female workers.

According to Automotive News, a survey taken by about 900 women working in various segments of the auto industry revealed alarming statistics about the prevalence of sexual harassment. Survey results showed that women in the auto industry face higher rates of sexual harassment than those working in technology, advertising or market research.

Statistics about sexual harassment in the auto industry

If you make your living in the automotive field, you may understand why some women who responded to the survey said it is the most sexist sector they have ever worked in. In total, 65% of survey respondents said they had experienced unwanted sexual advances while holding an automotive professional role.

Another 25% said their workplace treatment made them feel uncomfortable on the job. Another 65% also reported that they received lower level, less favorable tasks than their male peers.

Concerns for women working in auto dealerships

The risk of sexual harassment is high in jobs across the auto industry, but you may face elevated risks if you work in a car dealership. While you run the risk of experiencing harassment by your colleagues, you also face risks when giving customers test drives.

Such safety and harassment concerns likely play a role in why there is such high turnover among female automotive salespeople. In 2016, the turnover rate among women working in automotive sales was 96%.