Tesla Request for Arbitration in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Denied

tesla denied arbitration in sexual harassment case

Tesla has suffered several recent scandals, with one of the most damaging being the catcalling and sexual assault claims leveled by a former employee. Historically, companies like Tesla have relied on arbitration clauses in employment contracts to keep these kinds of claims from going public and damaging their reputations. However, Tesla has discovered that California […]

4 Unexpected Types of Sexual Harassment You May Be Suffering

4 unexpected types of sexual harassment

You may think you understand what sexual harassment looks like. The common understanding of is simple: someone purposefully touching or hitting on you in a way that makes you uncomfortable. However, there’s much more to harassing behavior than that. The behavior is defined as “unwelcome verbal, nonverbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that […]

Auto industry plagued by sexism, sexual harassment

If you are a female working in the automotive field, you face a particularly high chance of falling victim to sexual harassment, even though many industry leaders claim the field wants and needs more female workers. According to Automotive News, a survey taken by about 900 women working in various segments of the auto industry […]

Sexual harassment a pervasive problem in health care

Sexual harassment affects people from all walks of life, and it is also an issue in virtually every type of work environment. While sexual harassment occurs in all industries, it is statistically more common in some fields than in others. If you count yourself among those who make their living working in hospitals, doctor’s offices […]

Disability discrimination is real and illegal

When it comes to employment, there are various protected classes in the United States. Those in these classes cannot be discriminated against, and if they are, they may have legal recourse. This week, this column will specifically address disability discrimination and what California residents who are victims of it can do about it. If an […]

Retaliation may follow complaints of discrimination

Sometimes things do not go smoothly in the workplace. California employees who feel their bosses or other workers are treating them unfairly may file a complaint, either with the bosses, with human resources or with an outside authority, such as the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. While some employers may learn from such a complaint […]

Age discrimination may also have elements of sexism

Federal and California laws prohibit discrimination against a number of protected classes during any phase of the employment process. This means an employer may not refuse employment, raises, promotions or other opportunities to someone based on the person’s race, religion, sex, age or other factors. However, in recent years, older Americans are noticing signs that […]