3 signs of workplace age discrimination

If your coworkers or employer regularly mistreat you while you are at work, you could be the victim of age discrimination. These signs may be subtle, and they may only increase as you get older.

According to the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, your employer and coworkers are legally prohibited from discriminating against you because of your age. Even still, you should watch out for certain indicators that age discrimination may be occurring.

1. You overhear comments about your age

If your employer ever asks you when you plan to retire, or your coworkers make snide remarks about how old you are, age discrimination may be happening. Ask a trusted coworker to take note of these comments so you have a witness and write down when these comments occur and what you heard.

2. You no longer receive promotions or raises

Throughout the course of your career, you may have received consistent raises and promotions, especially if you continue to work for the same company. If these incentives stop abruptly, and your coworkers continue to receive these rewards, this could be an indicator of age discrimination.

3. You get reassigned to different responsibilities

Job reassignment may be a normal part of working for a company. But if you get reassigned to a position that is less desirable or asked to take on responsibilities no one else wants, you may be the victim of discrimination tied to your age. Although making an effort to continually improve at what you do can prevent this, it may not eliminate the problem if discrimination is occurring.