covid-19 supplemental sick leave in california

The Return of California’s Supplemental COVID-19 Sick Leave

California has been trying to balance opposing demands throughout the pandemic. On the one hand, the state government is dedicated to minimizing the infection rate …

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California pink tax ban 2022

Banning the “Pink Tax” in California: What a New Bill Would Mean for You

California remains at the forefront when it comes to providing residents with more equitable treatment. One of the most current examples of this is Assembly …

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indian caste discrimination in the united states

Caste Discrimination in the US: What Is It and What Does It Mean?

California has a long history of struggling with various kinds of discrimination. In the past century, the state has slowly but surely implemented laws prohibiting …

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Bernard Alexander John Schwab and Toni Jaramilla with Plaintiffs in front of Flexander Morrison + Fehr LLP's Century City office

Press Release: Hemet Police Brutalized a Grandmother, Daughter, Her Fiance, And Two Pet Dogs, In Front of Their Young, Crying Children.

Images and video below the Press Release. Update, March 10, 2022: This lawsuit has been covered in  March 4, 2022  PRESS RELEASE AND …

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Racial Discrimination: What to Look For

Over the past few decades, the world has dramatically improved in terms of racism. However, there’s still a long way to go. People experience racial …

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4 unexpected types of sexual harassment

4 Unexpected Types of Sexual Harassment You May Be Suffering

You may think you understand what sexual harassment looks like. The common understanding of is simple: someone purposefully touching or hitting on you in a …

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California Establishes New Workers’ Rights Section of Department of Justice

Protecting the rights of workers is a difficult job. Employers are driven largely by the desire to make money. That mission is often aided by …

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The Difference Maker

Incredible News this week! For those who haven’t seen it yet, Alexander Morrison + Fehr, LLP partner, Bernard Alexander has made the cover of Super …

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The Rights of Undocumented Workers in California

If you are undocumented and working in California, you are protected by California employment laws. Your employer may try to use your status to take …

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Today’s victory preserves the $1,963,000 judgment, plus interest.

We are pleased to announce that Tracy L. Fehr and Hugo Gamez have prevailed in the appeal of Bernard Alexander’s and Hugo’s 2019 verdict in …

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