employment contract fairness

How to Make Sure Your Employment Contract Is Fair

Your employment agreement is one of the most important contracts in your life. It dictates critical information like your pay, schedule, responsibilities, and benefits. Whether …

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tesla denied arbitration in sexual harassment case

Tesla Request for Arbitration in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Denied

Tesla has suffered several recent scandals, with one of the most damaging being the catcalling and sexual assault claims leveled by a former employee. Historically, …

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ca state supreme court

Meal & Rest Benefits Part of Employee Wages CA Supreme Court Rules

In a critical win for California workers, the state Supreme Court has ruled that meal and rest period premiums are considered “wages” under state law. …

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employer prevent talking about pay

Can Your Employer Bar You From Talking About Your Pay?

It’s natural to be curious about what your coworkers earn or to be proud about the raise you just got. However, some employers may try …

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Ringing The Bell: AM+F profiled in recent Daily Journal Article

On the heels of a landmark victory in a race discrimination case against Tesla, the Daily Journal profiled AM+F partners Bernard Alexander, Tracy Fehr, Michael …

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vacation days are part of your salary

Your Right to Take Vacation Days in California

American culture emphasizes the importance of a strong work ethic. Many people feel like taking a vacation or sick day is a sign that they …

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do handshake contracts hold up in court

Do Handshake Contracts Hold Up in Court?

In a perfect world, contracts wouldn’t be necessary. People would be able to chat and work together to make arrangements that work for everyone. Unfortunately, …

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What Is Internet Defamation?

The internet is an excellent way to spread information quickly and widely. The problem is that it can be used to spread lies just as …

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covid-19 supplemental sick leave in california

The Return of California’s Supplemental COVID-19 Sick Leave

California has been trying to balance opposing demands throughout the pandemic. On the one hand, the state government is dedicated to minimizing the infection rate …

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California pink tax ban 2022

Banning the “Pink Tax” in California: What a New Bill Would Mean for You

California remains at the forefront when it comes to providing residents with more equitable treatment. One of the most current examples of this is Assembly …

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