prop 22 declared unconstitutional

Prop 22 Ruled Unconstitutional: The Impact On Workers’ Rights

If you’re a California gig worker, the law Proposition 22 seriously impacted your job and finances. This law, funded by big businesses like Uber and …

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government employee employment law attorney

Employment Law in the Public Sector: Fighting for Governmental Employee Rights

If you work for the government, you’re probably aware that you’re subject to different rules than private workers. The problem is that those rules aren’t …

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vaccination requirements at work legal?

Can Your Employer Force You to Get Vaccinated?

The COVID-19 vaccine is controversial for some people. Many people want to opt out of receiving the vaccine for personal reasons. Meanwhile, the CDC has …

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california covid 19 workplace safety rules

Mask Mandates: California’s New COVID-19 Workplace Safety Rules

As of June 15th, California officially has new COVID-19 workplace safety standards. These new rules are designed to protect workers and customers from the risks …

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are you experiencing wage theft

Are You Facing Wage Theft?

Most people go to work because they need the money they earn there. The basis of the employer-employee relationship is the contract that the employee …

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Sexual harassment victims often face retaliation, termination

Many victims of sexual harassment are reluctant to come forward about their experiences because they fear that doing so may result in job loss or …

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What is wrongful termination?

If your employer terminates you for reasons you suspect might be illegal, you may be able to bring a wrongful termination lawsuit against him or …

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What is substantially similar work under the Fair Pay Act?

Whether a situation violates the California Fair Pay Act hinges on whether you and a counterpart do substantially similar work. According to the State of …

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How does the Pregnancy Discrimination Act protect you?

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act or PDA provides you with protection against discrimination in the workplace when you are pregnant, explains the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity …

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3 signs of workplace age discrimination

If your coworkers or employer regularly mistreat you while you are at work, you could be the victim of age discrimination. These signs may be …

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